About Our Clients


3M Unilver Design Council
Apple Jordan Jeyes
Schweppes Corus Milbon
GEC Lego Brooke Bond India
Siemens Racal BT
BP (Duckhams) Silicon Evode
Kango Altro St Ivel
Altas Copco ICG Business Link
Mars Electronics AVS Kraft Jacobs Suchard
Asahi Chemicals Innocent Lion Corporation
Brains Brewery Danone Superdrug
HBIC Sira Bob Martin
Reuters Filofax Shell International
Glud & Marstrand Unipath Marks & Spencer
London Transport Polycell Scottish Courage
British Rail Sainsbury's Coca-Cola
Koikeya Marconi Johnson & Johnson
Smith Kline Beecham Ross Electronics Reckitt & Coleman
ProductFirst has been the catalyst and driving force behind internationally successful products that have shaken markets and won numerous design, packaging and product awards...
including an EMMY!
Productfirst is an innovation consultancy built on design thinking