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The purpose of this page is to explore topics that have shaped or will shape future design thinking. 

It will be a store for both academic and other published papers that been written or co-written by members, associates and friends of Product First; Case studies and other references to our work. 


Leading by Design –Business Link Wessex –Millichamp & Hall - Cricket Bat Manufacturer

John Boult, of Product First, one of ‘Leading by Design’s’ consultants, conducted a business design diagnostic on the Millichamp & Halls strategic direction. The diagnostic compared the company with similar businesses in their field, and then helped the company to develop a suitable design brief.

Product First also came up with a range of ideas to help Robert expand his business and attract new customers, some of which Millichamp & Hall has already used to generate new business.

For example, the Millichamp & Hall have introduced a gift experience voucher that enables family and friends to buy bespoke bats as gifts. Since going live, the initiative has made a visible impact on the brand and added financial value to the business.




We will also identify emerging trends and issues connected with innovation and design thinking.

So you will find items such as:

  • Design Thinking – A discussion on definition. 

  • Emerging Demands of Design Support 

  • Models of Design Intervention 

  • Building Teams for Product Development  

  • Design Networks

  • Future Forecasting

And more….

Productfirst is an innovation consultancy built on design thinking